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Why consult with us?

• premature ejaculation
• erectile dysfunction
• delayed or absent ejaculation
• male menopause/andropause
• compulsive sexuality
• web-based sexuality
• pornography addiction
• difficulty maintaining relationships with a stable partner
• expression of love
• lack of self-confidence
• finding an interesting partner
• legacy of sexual abuse
• sexual difficulties related to a disease
• doubts about sexual orientation
• physical handicaps and sexuality

• absence of sexual desire
• difficult or inexisting orgasm
• pain during penetration
• absence of lubrication,menopause and sexual dysfunctions
• legacy of sexual abuse
• fear of sexuality
• fear of men
• relational and love-related dysfunctions
• incapacity to enter into a relationship with a stable partner
• pain and hurt resulting from relationships
• difficulty finding an interesting partner
• doubts about sexual orientation
• disgust with sexuality
• lack of self-confidence
• difficulty accepting one’s body
• disease-related sexual difficulties
• physical handicaps and sexuality.

• frequency of sex
• intimacy
• sexual disagreements
• jealousy
• cheating
• lack of communication
• difficulties resolving conflicts
• desire to have children
• pregnancy
• adapting to the presence of newborn children
• the mid-life crisis
• “rejuvenationl” of the couple after many years
• separation
• divorce
• step-families
• body changes
• disease and sexuality
• grieving and sexuality

• apprehensive about the first contact
• fear of sexuality
• lack of confidence in sexual ability
• victim of sexual abuse
• questioning sexual orientation
• difficulty accepting your body
• disability and sexuality
• all questions you or your friend(s) want to ask...

Why Sexologist Online:

  • For accessibility
  • For its confidentiality
  • It is fast
  • It is effective
  • For its expertise
  • For its professionalism
  • Finally, for a greater sexual satisfaction and love!!

Medical health professionals

If you are a medical or mental health professional, would the collaboration of an expert team of professional sexologists be helpful?

Sexologist on can support you!

To fell better

Short term Therapy focus on Solutions.

° Depression
° Burnout
° Anxiety
° Life crisis
° Family problems, professional and other.