Should I consult individually or as a couple

Sexuality is experienced by both partners. Although your difficulties appear to be individual , your partner is surely also suffering. As such, it is best to consult as a couple in order to better assess the difficulties. If it turns out that only one person needs help, this decision will be taken after the first consultation.

How does it work

: Simply follow the procedure on the website and the virtual meetings will take without a problem.

How many sessions will I need ?

: It is difficult to assess how many meetings you will need to achieve your goals. sexuality is complex; we cannot simply change one part and have everything running at once. Your involvement, attendance at sessions, practice of the prescribed exercises, readings and other suggestions made during the course of the therapy will determine the length of the process.

How do I know I’m ready?

If you are asking yourself this question, it means you are ready! People have a to dramatize the fact of using the services of a psychological or sexual health professional. Yet when you have a toothache, you do not question yourself. You see a dentist ! You are fortunate that professionals specializing in love and sexuality now exist. Why not take advantage of it ?

Should we get a divorce/ separation?

: And reproduce the same pattern in another relationship ? Come and let us see are no other avenues before such a drastic step. Unfortunately, couples often wait too long before consulting, and the damage is sometimes deep and complex. However, the couples I have accompanied have shown me that when there is still love and good will on the part of everyone involved, the flame can come back. This is what I call ‘couple rejuvenation’. Have you renovated your house in recent years ? Well, now it's time to your renovate your couple relationship!

Is it possible to regain sexual desire  ?

: Of course it is possible ! What happens is that we lose sight of each other. We to charm, to have pleasure with each other. We accumulate dissatisfaction and frustration that build a wall of ice between us. Therapy will melt that wall and bring back the flame in your relationship.

Is it covered by insurance?

Insurance company policies differ. Enquire with your company. Gerally speaking, it common to be reimbursed for a portion of the therapeutic process. It is also possible to include the therapy costs as medical expenses on your tax return.

Is it covered by Quebec’s health insurance?

Unfortunately, Quebec's health insurance plan does not cover this

How can I fix my sexual problem if I am single?

Being single does not preclude consulting with us. You have past experiences that can analyze and help you understand in order to do better next time. You have been abused ? We will help cure you. You have not yet experienced sex in your current relationship? We will prepare both of you to make this a most wonderful experience.