Manon Leclerc B.A., M.A. 

Sexologist and Psychotherapist.

Manon Leclerc holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Clinical Sexology from the l'Université du Québec à Montréal (University of Quebec in Montreal). She is a member of the l'Ordre Professionnel des sexologues du Québec (Professional Order of Sexologists of Quebec).

She is also a licensed psychotherapist and a member of the l'Ordre des psychologues du Québec (Order of Psychologists of Quebec).
In addition to her formal academic training, she has taken many extra courses in psychology, creativity and physical expression and the treatment of post-traumatic stress syndrome.

She is currently training to become a certified impact therapist in order to have more concrete and effective tools to help her clients.

Her sexological approach is humanistic and existential, that is to say, she addresses sexual problems in the here and now by searching for meaning in the life experiences of the person.

She has worked with sexual assault victims, both adults and children.

She is also specializes in couple therapy.

She has also worked in counselling for over 30 years with clients struggling with problems of delinquency, drug addiction, alcoholism and domestic violence.

Manon Leclerc is familiar with French and European culture. She worked in France in the mid-80s and has had the opportunity to update her European experience in 2008.

Ms Leclerc, who has been in private practice since 1998, is committed to informing and educating the public on various aspects of sexuality.

She could be seen on the program "C'est ça la vie" (That's Life) broadcast in 2010 and 2012 by Radio-Canada.

In 2001, she participated in the series "Maux d'amour" (Love Hurts) on Télé-Québec. She hosted her own radio program for 3 years on CKOD FM 103 station and a series of thirteen 30-minute programs "Pour une sexualité en santé" (for healthy sexe) broadcast on community television in Valleyfield. In addition, she regularly communicates her expertise in sexology through articles published in various magazines and newspapers.

Her educational outreach continues through the Internet on Facebook
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Bachelor degree in Sexology


Master degree in Clinical Sexology


Psychotherapist permit