Fees and payment 


Here is how we will work together:

The consultation is payable online to a professional sexologist. You will benefit from a quality intervention that will meet your personal needs.

To receive specific information, only one appointment will probably be necessary. This appointment may be for a period of 10 minutes, 25 minutes or 50 minutes.

In order to benefit from an effective therapy, 5 to 10 virtual sessions of 50 minutes each may be necessary. They should be on a weekly basis or every two weeks.

Of course, it is difficult to determine in advance the number of sessions you will need. However, the regularity and consistency of the sessions, as well as your motivation, are essential elements for a successful therapeutic outcome.

10 min

35$ CAN - 23€

25 min

65$ CAN - 44€

50 min

125$ CAN - 81€

Customized package


You deposit $35 CND to reserve the first 15 minutes of the consultation. If you have chosen a 50–minutes session, you then pay the remaining $90 CND before connecting by Skype.


35$ CAN - 23€


90$ CAN - 59€

Payment in Euros

The fees in Euro are calculated at the exchange rate of 0.68 Euro for $1 CND

Tps: 796 977 528 Tvq: 106 311 3961 included in the price.

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