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We welcome your comments on our website. However, we will not consider suggestions for topics for our seminars or newsletters or products. We hope you understand that this policy is intended to avoid any future misunderstanding in case an idea developed by one of our staff would approach an idea that you would have submitted. As a result, please do not send us original documents with ideas, suggestions, or written materials. If despite our request, you submit anyway such documents ("Submission"), they become our property. We would not be bound by a duty of confidence for this type of submission and would not be held responsible in case of publication. If you submit materials without the time we asked, we would become owners of all rights related to these submissions worldwide. We legally be able to use these submissions without any restriction and for any purpose of our choice without that you can not claim any compensation or notification regarding the use of your submission. Considering these facts, we are not asking you to submit creative projects, especially those that you are confidential or personal.


By forums, we mean any table for receiving messages, chats, user journals forums or other interactive service on the Site, including public and private boards. You must register by following the instructions on the site to assist in any forum. You do not have the right to post vulgar, threatening, libelous or obscene forum or harassing staff or other participants in the forum, or any type of documents or notices that would violate a person's privacy or rights or other intellectual property rights, or any other post not in accordance with the law. It is not allowed to use forums for commercial purposes. You may not post documents requesting payment, which constitute an advertisement or an invitation to acquire products or services. You do not have the right to post documents that are false public knowledge. You do not have the right to post documents that contain offers of products or services calls.
  You do not have the right to post or transmit any software or other material which contains a virus or harmful component. We can not be responsible for the documents appearing on the sites forums, with the exception of the documents endorsed by one of our representatives. We are not responsible for the documents posted by users and which are licentious or obscene nature, or likely to reach your privacy, do not respect copyrights and other rights of authors, messages or other materials we consider ourselves as violation of these rules is as offensive, insulting, defamatory, obscene, rude or unacceptable in any other form. We also reserve the right to edit such a document for any reason we deem appropriate. We do not disappear or such documents, the user is solely responsible for the content or the posting of such messages or documents. By posting on websites, you give us and our affiliates worldwide permanent permission and under non-exclusive form (or owner who has given us such an explicit authorization) to use your questions, comments and mises- line either in their original form or as edited for television programs, books, articles or comments or any other medium now known or later developed. You admit also own and responsible for the content of the publication posted online and that the use by the public or ourselves of that content does not infringe the copyright of a third party. In addition, you also give us access to any moral rights by posting documents you have renounced. You are not entitled to any compensation for documents posted on these sites.


The suspension or cancellation of registration of any user of a forum or general user who violates the terms of use or recommended use is in our sole discretion; it is the same for any conduct that we deem inappropriate.

Non professional advice

The information or proposed on the site (including but not limited to information on message boards, documents or cats) can not replace or substitute for the services of professionals trained in their area of expertise. You should especially see a doctor regularly for any matter relating to your physical or mental health, especially in case of symptoms suggesting the need for a diagnostic or medical checks. You are solely responsible for your decisions, actions and results for your life, and using the Site, you accept at any time and in any circumstances not to try to make us responsible for such decisions, actions or results.

Parental permission

The site is not intended for children under 13 years old and we do not collect information from children identified as under 13 years. We strongly recommend parents to participate in the exploration sessions of the net for their children and any online service and advise them to use the parental controls to limit Internet domains to which their children have access. You agree those restrictions and you agree not help anyone around them.


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Exceptions to the Privacy Policy

Although we are committed to keeping your data so that they remain private, the following exceptions apply to this rule: we will give you specific information about you or your account in the case of a judicial investigation, a wanted notice or similar procedures. We also obtain the counterfactual data in specific cases, such as an attempted breach of the security of websites or physical harm or threat to person or property, either on yourself or on someone else. We will transfer the data also including personal data identifying you, in the case of a redemption of society, consolidation, sale of assets or other change in the fundamental structure. In addition, the data you enter when you make a purchase or an online donation will be shared with the payment processors. Such information may also be shared with third parties for the sole purpose of processing the settlement or transaction. Thank you to note that if you give your personal information online on a discussion board, or if you post them on a website, this information can then be collected by any third party. Although we do our best to protect your privacy, we can not guarantee the security of your information if you post them in the forums. You publish such information at your own risk and peril.


These terms of use are subject to the laws of Canada and the Province of Quebec, without regard to conflict of law principles. You agree that any legal action that would occur would be subject to the laws in force in Canada and the Province of Quebec. If any condition of use is found to be illegal, meaningless or for any reason unenforceable, these special conditions will be considered null and void and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms of use. These conditions can be modified only of our own making, by posting changes on our sites